Walk – Talk Counselling

This takes place outdoors in a space that is easy to get to and has parking.  There are a few countryside spots I use, and I will discuss with each individual where is best for them.  Walk – talk counselling is relational, creative, and embodied.  It can be very freeing. Moving the therapy outdoors can aid people to reconnect with their body, be more present and mindful. It is a very natural way of working and adds another layer to the work that working indoors cannot offer.

Walk-talk counselling is particularly beneficial:

  • for people who struggle with eye contact
  • for people who like to move when they talk
  • for people who feel they have lost connection with themselves
  • for people who feel full of emotions as physical movement can help shift feelings

All the spaces used are communal.  Attention is paid to confidentiality and we jointly agree a strategy for holding the space effectively.  We also have no control over the weather and in cases where it is too wet, the sessions will be transferred to online or the telephone. Suitable clothing and a drink are essential.