What happens in a counselling session?

A counselling session takes place in the same place each week usually at the same time. The session belongs to you, the client, to talk about what is important in your life. I, the counsellor, listen to what you have to say and will gently help you find the best way through. We work together using the relationship we build.

What sort of things are talked about in a session?

The choice of things you talk about in a session is completely yours. It may be something that confuses you, is painful, a secret you have been holding, relationship difficulties, health problems, trouble at work, identity dilemmas, grief, abuse, anxiety or depression. I understand it is not easy to talk about painful things and will strive to build a relationship with you where you do not feel judged.

How long is a counselling session and what will it cost?

A counselling session lasts for 1 hour.  I charge £50 for each session.  Clients are encouraged to pay at the start of each session. Concessionary rates are available for all students on presentation of current ID. Please feel free to ask for further details.

What training do you have?

I hold a BSc (Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Coventry University. My training took place over three years and I attended the Sherwood Psychotherapy Institute in Nottingham. During this time I undertook two hundred hours of clinical practice. This was closely supervised by a qualified Supervisor every fortnight.  To further enhance my initial training I actively engage in regular continual professional development.  This has included, amongst others, couples counselling training and working with trauma.

Are you a registered counsellor?

Yes, I am registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. I am a BACP Individual Member and work in strict accordance with their ethical framework. This means I have monthly supervision with a qualified Supervisor and participate in at least thirty hours of continual professional development each year.

What is supervision?

In accordance with the BACP ethical framework my work is supervised each month. With my Supervisor I discuss my clinical practice and in return guidance and support is provided. The purpose of this is to ensure that I practice safely and that I am continually improving the service I offer to clients.

Will our sessions be confidential?

The trust between client and counsellor is important and I will treat all that you share with me as confidential. However, there are times when I have a duty to breach confidentiality. These times will be:

• when a crime is disclosed

• when I deem a client is at risk from harm to themselves or others.

• when issues of child protection are disclosed

What will happen in our initial session?

The initial session is where we (counsellor and client) meet each other to find out whether we are suited. I will explain how I work, explain the counselling contract and ask for some details from you.

Will you charge me if I miss a session?

I appreciate at least twenty four hours notice of a cancelled session. If this is not provided a charge will be made and you will be asked to pay at the beginning of the next session.