Online and Telephone Counselling

The most popular way of having counselling, up to recent times, is face to face.  Online and telephone counselling can be just as effective and often more beneficial to clients because:

  • sessions take place in the comfort of your own home
  • the platforms used are securely encrypted
  • anonymity is increased as there is no chance of being seen entering the therapy space
  • flexibility to choose which method suits you e.g. telephone, WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype
  • face to face sessions do not always suit everyone
  • there is no time or expense taken up commuting to and from the therapy space
  • you can choose a counsellor from any area within the UK not just the area in which you live

There are also challenges to working this way, such as:

  • competency using the internet or telephone
  • some people prefer face to face sessions
  • you may feel your situation is too complex to express using technology to communicate
  • there may be problems finding a private space to have sessions
  • there are no nonverbal cues to read and this may lead to misunderstandings


Using technology for counselling means both the client and Counsellor are jointly responsible for creating and maintaining the therapeutic space.  You are encouraged to find a confidential space where you will not be overheard or interrupted.

We are at the mercy of the efficiency and reliability of the technology used so it is best to understand the devices as much as possible.  We will be using third party providers, and this means that complete confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.  I ensure that all the devices I use have protection and are as secure as I can make them.  As your Counsellor I take every precaution I can, to ensure there is minimal possibility that confidentiality can be compromised.